Did I misread his lips – or did the press miss a big story?

July 28, 2007

ซูโม่ตู้ “จรัสพงษ์” สัมภาษณ์ นายก”สุรยุทธ์” เรื่องจริงหรือนี่ ?

Is this just another comedy show on TV ?

Is this just another comedy show on TV ? A famous comedian “Tu” interviews PM Surayud, really?

No, it wasn’t supposed to be a weekend comedy show on prime ministerial television. It was in fact billed as Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont’s serious weekly interview on Channel 11 during which he answers tough, no-nonsense questions posed to him by the country’s top news anchors.Published on July 26, 2007.

But if you watched last Saturday morning’s programme with the kind of rapt attention I did, you could be excused for thinking that it was just another episode of “Comedian Sumo Tu’s Weekend Show”. In fact, for a few minutes, I was even misled into thinking that it was the first part of a Thai version of “Saturday Night Live!” – with someone resembling Thailand’s prime minister giving the comedian a hard time instead of the other way round.

To my great surprise, I discovered that the man was actually Premier Surayud. To my even greater surprise, the premier even appeared to be enjoying himself on the air.

I could sense that Charaspong “Tu” Surasvadi was trying extra hard not to be funny. Perhaps, he wanted to prove that he could be a dead-serious and provocative TV anchor. And if you looked closely enough, the usually solemn premier looked as if he were happy for the first time to be fielding questions in this weekly series of “Open up Baan Phitsanulok” interviews.

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